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Love, romance and erotic pleasure ensure many positive physical, emotional, intellectual, and social benefits to a human being. In any committed relationship, passion, emotion and mutual physical copulation are must. Having sensual and sexual pleasure ensures more passionate experience and intimacy in a loving relationship. Simran, an independent Mumbai escort, adheres to these principles and offers these (love, romance, passion, emotion, sensual pleasure, and sexual encounter) through her Mumbai escort services.

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Simran- your desired independent escorts in Mumbai

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With the objective of raising the bar of excellence in Indian escort agency, Simran came to this industry. Although she started her career a Mumbai model, her passion for meeting new handsome and enjoying with them passionately brought her to the Mumbai escort industry. Her capability of fusing love, romance, emotion, passion, amour, sensuality, and sexuality in one whole to create something unique and unchallenging has helped her stand out from the crowd of other call girls in Mumbai.

Uniqueness in her Mumbai escort service

Her unique Mumbai escort services include both mental and physical treatment and blend sensualities and sexualities to produce something unique, complete, unmatched, and unchallenging. The magic spells of these connect you through your all five senses: visionary, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile. Consequently, you feel no boundaries between your soul and body. Through different stages of love attraction, emotion, romantic passion, attachment and erotic passion, she can revitalize you and make you a complete, balanced and energetic man of superlative creativity and objectivity.

Her Success as an independent escort in Mumbai

She was the first high-voltage call girl in Mumbai who invented the art of dissolving, diffusing and dissipating love, romance, amour, sex and lustfulness in her services to recreate something new and unique that promotes creative lovemaking and erotic pampering.  You can feel, think, understand and distinguish different stages of love and amour. Apart from offering you love, pleasure and erotic fun, she ensures you many mental, physical and health benefits of sensualities and sexualities through her unique and unchallengeable Mumbai escort services. Her magical seduction power, sensational foreplay and captivating erotic skills helped her get a dominant position in Indian love and entertainment industry. She ensures the following solutions through her sensual and sexual services in Mumbai:

  1. Keeps you connected through an intimate sensual and sexual experience
  2. Revitalizes you and helps you shun your boredom, depression and loneliness
  3. Releases a feel-good chemical in the brainto keep you happy and satisfied both mentally and physically
  4. Improves your well-being and strengthens your relationship with spouse
  5. Brings about an emotional and sensual appeal
  6. Keeps the hormones balanced, making you sexually active
  7. Helps you get rid of the emotional problems like depression and anxiety
  8. Increases your fertility
  9. Her high seduction power and amazing erotic spell acts as a metabolic and immune booster

At the end of each sensual and sexual session, Venus (the God of love and amour) sends you a feeling of supernatural sympathy, universal love and hope. You can feel and experience each bump and boundary lying in attraction, love, romance and erotic passion. Consequently, you encounter a conversion from Eros to Agape and Agape to Logos. Your love life becomes complete, filled with memorable experiences, happiness, and satisfaction.

Her success story as one the most successful Mumbai escorts

Her motivational qualities of bringing sexual drives and sexual arousal for a satisfactory intercourse accompanied by all the above-mentioned good qualities empowered her to establish herself as one of the most successful Mumbai escorts. Moreover, her magical skill of blending sensualities and sexualities and combining mental and physical treatments in her erotic services gave her extra mileage. Her men lovingly started calling her as the Mumbai traffic stopper. Very soon she received a satisfied clientele and many repeat visitors from India and abroad. Many foreigners who come to Mumbai for a routine business trip love to have her companionship services and enjoy quality time spending with her. She became so popular that she could not help engaging a few of her friends to meet the increasing needs. To retain her reputation as the most successful Mumbai babe, she trained her friends well before giving them the contacts. She taught her friends well about the different stages of platonic and carnal love andthe libidinal desires of sub-conscious minds. She made them aware of the many Kama Sutra sex positions and involving western styles of more open and deep penetration for an unforgettable orgasm and mature ejaculation. The success she received was immense.  

Simran established her escort agency in Mumbai

Enthused by the immense success of her escort service in Mumbai, she decided to establish her own escort agency in Mumbai. Going by the same name Simran escort agency keeps wide range Mumbai call girls to offer the finest escort service in Mumbai. Within a very short time, it received high appreciation and notable acclamation from India and abroad for offering something unique, satisfactory and out of the box mental and physical satisfaction. It offers both incall and outcall services.

Types of Mumbai escorts working with us

There are many big tit women, busty babes, fox women, blonde babes, brunette girls, horny women, and voluptuous ladiesworking under this reputable escort agency in Mumbai. A vast majority of these women are blessed with lustrous eyes, rosy lips, attractive bust lines, cup-sized and ripening breasts, voluptuous looks, curvaceous athletic figures, and fair complexions. To maintain the goodwill of this leading Mumbai escort agency, Simran and her trainers follow a rigorous recruitment process that perfectly and logically test the skills, intelligence, smartness and dedication of the interested babes. The shortlisted candidates are given professional training to make them aware of the all above-mentioned theories and hypotheses of successful lovemaking. Moreover, their erotic training sessions offer a vivid discussion on love, sex, fantasies, and sexual instincts. These make them experts in creating amazing erotic spell and using the sexual instincts of their clients for a mutual and happy physical copulation. Voluptuous looks, curvy figures (with a physical measurement of 24-36-24), smartness, and erotic skill always get prior interest in the selection process.

Different types of Mumbai call girls to meet the diverse demands

To meet the diverse demands of the heterosexual society, Simran keeps different types of women belonging to different races, communities and countries.  There are Punjabi, Marwari, Bhojpuri, Muslim, Bengali, Chinese, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Russian, and many foreign escort girls to meet different escort needs. Many of them are multilingual speakers. This is why language barrier cannot bring ambivalence during the time of intercourse while an escort girl is playing with a foreign client under his instructions.

According to the original professions and area of specializations, Mumbai call girls working here are classified into different categories. There are normal call girls, independent escorts, model women, high-class call girls, VIP models, elite escorts, etc. They specialize in offering love, amour, romantic passion and erotic passion (lust) in an organized and logical way so that testosterone becomes active in their men’s bodies. They are highly skillful in creating an attraction towards them and turn their clients’ mood from romantic passion to erotic passion or lust.This attraction can create a desire in you for building a sexual relationship with these attractive call girls in Mumbai. The enchanting effect of their specialized servicescan turn you a repeat visitor. You may fall in love with them and their out-of-the-box Mumbai escort services. 


Why choose Our Escort agency in Mumbai as your favorite

Facilities of both incall and outcall services

1) Incall services in Mumbai

As the name implies, under incall service the clients need to meet the escort girls at their places after booking them online or over the telephone. Many clients look for incall service to keep their love affairs secret from their spouses or family members. Many married men and business travellers love to indulge in it to keep their extramarital affairs and external love concealed forever. To help them indulge in this service, Simran has launched a cutting-edge dynamic escort website with the right call to action buttons for dating with a girl, giving more stress on the beautiful model escorts in Mumbai. This advanced escort site is including many advanced features and functionalities, confirming the availability of each model girl along with the discount applicable for each day. At a glance on the website, you can get to see their photographs, ages and names. If you feel an interest in a model, you can click on it to have a look at the brief description of her. Simran is going to launch her dating app soon to get in touch with their clients on a real-time basis. Moreover, it will make the booking process more smooth, convenient and secret.  They can book their desired women anytime, anywhere.  

2) Outcall services in Mumbai

The outcall service is dedicated to those clients who are interested in getting a sweet girl at their Mumbai hotel rooms or residences in Mumbai. On a single phone call or booking over the internet, they will reach your place to serve you love, romance and erotic pleasure in the comfort of your dream home, hotel room or private chamber where you feel easy and comfortable. Here you can extract the full mirth of romantic and erotic passion in a very cool and familiar atmosphere where you feel very easy and comfortable.

Have a look at the wide variety of high-voltage babes and their charismatic curves displayed on the homepage. Click on one or more model images according to your choice to read their detailed profiles. They are dedicated to offering different types of common and customized erotic solutions according to your convenient time within all areas in Mumbai. Simran has branches in different localities like Bandra, Andheri, Juhu, South Mumbai, Powai, Navi Mumbai, Goregaon, Worli, Chembur, Lower Parel, Borivali, Malad, Santacruz, Vile Parle in Mumbai. Therefore, turnaround time (time between booking an escort and meeting you at your private chamber) is lower. Just let her know your present location. She will send her girl to accompany you. Now you think about how to impress the gorgeous and intelligent female companion. 

Specialized services offered by smart, intelligent and gorgeous female companions in Mumbai

Simran keeps many educated, smart, intelligent, and gorgeous female companions aged between 18 and 40 inorder to offer specialized escort services according to the personalized needs and demands of her clients. These beautiful female companions spend quality time with the clients, making it an introductory part of their counseling process. Here, they try to make friendship and intimacy with their clients to understand their specific needs, mental states and physical conditions. After that, they start applying their mental and physical treatment process (including sensual pleasure and sex therapies) to make them happy and satisfied physically and mentally. To offer specialized solutions, they divide each session into different parts for making friendship, courtship, companionship and finally a healthy relationship. These help them offer love, romance and erotic passion in the right proportion to revitalize their men and shun their boredom, depression and loneliness.   

Personalized care taken by call girls in Mumbai

Having years of experience in serving the escort service seekers in Mumbai, she knows well what type of women can serve a particular erotic or mental purpose. This is why she allocates normal, high profile, gorgeous, and beautiful Mumbai call girls according to their capacity, capability and area of specialization. She includes personalized care under the core competencies of her companionship services. This love and specialized care service has been designed to satisfy any mental need and gratify specific sexual hunger irrespective of you are a high-profile business tycoon, a reputable industrialist, a mere traveler or a modern man of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity.

Given below are the different types of women meeting specific type of love, romance and amour needs.


Beautiful Independent girls for ensuring Real Girlfriend experience

Simran allocates beautiful independent girls in Mumbai to ensure real girlfriend experience to both new lovers and rejected lovers. This is why this it is fully dedicated to taking personalized care of a new lover or rejected lover, keeping pace with their needs, demands, and mental and physical conditions. For the new lovers, these independent Mumbai girls teach them well how to spend quality time with their beloveds and engage them in the process of lovemaking so that they feel an interest in their young and juvenile lovers.

These beautiful babes will let them know the art of making a friendship and subsequently a mutual courtship so that they can engage their beloved in high-class lovemaking that will end in a happy conjugal relationship. For the rejected lovers, these gorgeous and beautiful independent babes play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide. To do so, they apply a consoling process after the proper understanding of the fact and story of love and languishment through a quality time spending in a solitary place. With a very cordial and affectionate touch of love and mild sensual entertainment, they make a healthy friendship with you. They will feel the relationship from the core of their hearts and show you sympathy for what has happened in the past.

The beautiful independent women will talk to the rejected lover in a very cordial manner to know the story of the lovemaking, romance and the causes of separation or breakup with their real girlfriends. Based on these, they find the perfect panacea to soothe their dejected minds and grief-stricken hearts. Their words of consolation and affectionate treatment will help them seek solace and get a new source of enjoyment through a new lovemaking with them. They are well aware of many psychoanalytical theories and hypothesis of love and amour to treat many mental and physical dispositions caused by lovesickness. Their treatments will surely balm the wound of your love and bring you back to a healthy love life.

VIP models and high profile Mumbai escorts for true wife experience

Simran arranges a meeting with VIP models and high profile Mumbai escorts to ensure a true spouse or wife experience to the unsatisfied husbands leading a bitter and cursedlove life. These girls are trained well to server the unfulfilled part of the unsatisfied husbands and others interested in an extramarital affair.

These VIP model escorts will delve deep into the problem of conjugal life to understand the lack in them andthe cause ofthe bitter relationship with theirwives. Their erotic guidance and tips on successful intercourse accompanied by practical love, romance, and erotic experience have helped many men renew love and sexual relationship with their sex partners. Their treatments on it have saved many couples from taking any negative decision like suicide, homicide and many like these.    

Frenzied Mumbai call girls for the modern men of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity

Simran assigns frenzied call girls in Mumbai to ensure carnal love and a customized erotic pleasure to the promiscuous men looking for rough and wild sex. They are trained well to mentally prepare for any typical type of sexual encounter. They are well aware of the most recommend Kama Sutra sex positions and involving western poses and postures for enjoying more deep and open erotic pleasure.

These frenzied babes are dedicated to meeting any perverse libidinal desires and dark fantasies coming from your subconscious minds. You can approach them with your bespoke intercourse needs. You are sure to have a customized solution and the finest Eros entertainment on it. Somevoluptuousand horny women love to make a new relationship with a demon lover capable of satisfying them in a rough and wild sex game through hard stokes and deep penetration. They cannot dissociate them from meeting the young handsome on a regular basis to enjoy the real mirth of erotic pleasure hidden in their deep romantic chasms.

To set fire on your erotic passion, they will wail under you for more deep and open penetration with your hard rock. With their repetitive kissing, licking and foreplay, they will make you feel more sensational, hotter and excited. Their dancing rocks and deep romantic chasms plunge you deep into the sunless sea to extract more sensual and sexual pleasure from every fold of their bodies. Penetrate as deep and head you can. Get wild until from the deep romantic chasm ceaseless turmoil starts seething. Lie on their tolerant enchanted slopes and get in and out rapidly and forcefully until a mighty fountain comes out rhythmically and your hard rock releases a silvery cascade. Indulge in rough and wild penetration until you reach to the climax and ejaculate again through an extraordinary swoon.  

Why should you choose a Mumbai escort through Simran escort agency? This escort agency is committed to giving a long love life

As a reputable escort agency in Mumbai, Simran always assigns a licensed girl to help you avoid any legal harassment and other critical circumstances. She is very serious in the matter of ensuring safety and security in the love game. This is why she sends her Mumbai babes under regular medical checkup and verifies the fitness certificate (issued by a registered medical practitioner) before sending any girl to her clients. She wants to be sure that her escort girls are fit and not affected by any genital disease. Her paramount interest is to take absolute care for each of her clients so that themomentary sensual and sexual pleasure cannot put an end to their life. She supports a mad pursuit for a sexual pleasure only after ensuring safety and security while offering you sensual and sexual pleasure. Indulging in lustfulness is good when it is safe and ensuresa long love life.

An escort agency always safeguards a client, making his personal details highly confidential 

A reputable escort agency like Simran never discloses or leaks out any client data at any circumstance. Even it never shares with the girl assigned to a particular client. This helps the users to avoid any sex scandal or lawsuit of sexual abuse that can bring an ignominious situation in the clients’ circles or at their workplaces. 

Is hiring a Mumbai call girl safe and legal?

Making friendship and enjoying the companionship of a girl with mutual consensus is always legal. However, selling sex for money is not legal- as sex is not a commodity to sell in the market. This is why Simran recommends you to make a friendship with a girl and later indulge in a sexual relationship with her and give her donation for spending quality time with you.

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